X-Power Interactive: Educators' Edition

Algebra Tile Tool:
This tool allows you to represent quadratic algebraic expressions.
On the left side of the tool you have an endless supply of tiles.
On the right side you have your workspace.

Drag tiles into the workspace to see the simplified equation for the your configuration.
Drag tiles from the workspace to the trash to remove them.

Tile Explanation:
The first tile you have is the unit tile. Each tile is a 1 by 1 unit.
The yellow
tile is +1.
The red tile is -1.

The second tile is the x tile. Each tile is 1 by x units.
The green tile is +1x
The red tile is -1x

The third tile is the x^2 tile. Each tile is x by x units.
The blue tile is +1x^2
The red tile is -1x^2